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  • V-Day GONE WILD!


    Typically you have  one choice of what to do on Valentine Day in terms of partying, but then a million of choices if you are dining and wining your loved one, so this Valentine Day is different you have AMICI, RISAS, TAMARAI  all having big event parties going on! so in alphabetical order here is what is going on, and oh don’t forget CairoGossip endorses the THEGIFTERY.COM when shopping for gifts, they even have a cute flower arrangements, like the one in the picture above is from their V-Day Store.

    Amici – It’s a love thing. 


    Amici is teaming up with 1984 Management, to bring you a its a love thing on Feb. 13 (eve of vday) it will be 250 L.E. which includes open cocktail bar, free bouchon and mezzos.. from entertinament DJ Mayounah spinning house & rnb, Mayounah is known by giving cairo a bit of music education, every now and then with some of her new hot beats.  So valentine Amici is offering you a chance of COCKTAILS AND HOT MUSIC and oh …..if your single wear a red item, if your taken wear a black item..to mix it up.

    Risas – Valentines Remix’D

    Risas is teaming up with Mansour Hassan from Your Kind of Entertainment,  to give saint valentine a shake for his scared day, They would be bringing DJ Shaggy to spin some of his tunes, A Valentine Night party for both singles and the couples! were you celebrate your freedom if you are single, celebrate the love if you are in love i guess :)  Ticket: 250 L.E (Includes Free Bouchon, Soft drinks and Mezzahs) and ehmm well you know how YKE Do their thing,  for contact info follow Risas on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RisasLounge.

     Tamarai – in bed with disco 

    Tamarai, is going naughty this valentine day, they are taking  DISCO to BED! and not only that they will wine you and dine you, with free wine ,  canapés and what V-Day be without the heart shaped chocolate. From entertainment perspective will a surprise line up is planned, and its all wow …  This is a guest list tab3an and Tamarai house rules apply