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  • Ultimate CGuide: Weekend Parties in Sahel & Cairo

    CJC610 - SAFI-9

    We know the party animal inside of you wants to dance until the sun comes up, that’s why we’re giving you the ultimate guide to all parties happening here in Cairo and in Sahel too! So you can either finish work, and head to a great party; or swim all day and go to an even greater party.



    On Thursday, Cairo Jazz Club is tripling the music dose with performances by Shady Ahmed, Bluezophrenia, and Scredriver. The Tap West will be conquered by Amro and The Band Boogie alongside Anis. Meanwhile DJ Nada will take to the decks at The Garden Nile Front. Also, you can enjoy some house beats by Zalat and Ayman Nageeb at Cairo Jazz Club 610, or some R&B and hip-hop tunes by DJ Feedo at The Tap Maadi.

    Switching to Friday, Cairo Jazz Club is once again bringing us Special K, and Kitchen Crowd. While Cairo Jazz Club 610 is going for a double set of sets with DJs Anis and Feedo. Meanwhile, Gu Bar is still going all oriental with singer Saad El Soghyar, and belly dancer Christina.

    Speaking of oriental nights, 24k is also going oriental by bringing belly dancer Brenda to blast your Friday! Meanwhile, The Tap Maadi is surprising all Coldplay lovers with Strawberry Swing, who are going to be performing a tribute to your favourite band. Simultaneously, Ayman Nageeb is turning The Tap East into a disco night!

    Saturday boasts a great line-up, starting with Cairo Jazz Club who are bringing Taksir Sharqi and Asia Madani; The Tap West will be welcoming Hamed El Sayeh; and The Tap Maadi bring you guitar specialist Danny Malak.

    Last but not least, Sewwes will be playing a mix of everything you love at Cairo Jazz Club 610, and Mahmoud El Leithy is headlining Heshek Beshek night at Gu Bar.


    Enough with the city life, and let’s head to the beach! Starting with Thursday, 6IX Degrees  decided to go all yellow with two of the best DJs, Lyon Avakian and Alla Kuchnir, and of course a surprise performance is still happening, and it hails all the way from Ibiza. Rakkan, is going all oriental this weekend with Mostafa Hagag and belly dancer Oxana.  Exit Club is still going strong, and is bringing Sebzz, Ouzo and A. Salah to blast your very first day of the weekend.


    Friday is even more lit, Rakkan is still choosing going oriental with belly dancers Maris and Marsellio for some “shakhla3a” by the beach. Exit Club is leaving the night to DJ Leon because they’re pretty sure he will make everyone move, and 6IX Degrees is bringing back your absolute favourite White Party featuring DJ Hady El Saba, and surprise live performances.

    Nothing much is happening on Saturday, but even the smallest details matter! Danos is waiting for you from the moment you open your eyes, and is planning one hell of a beach party with DJs USX and Kylox. At night, you can head to Exit Club as they’re definitely changing the mood by bringing a surprise belly dancer who will be shaking her hips to the beats of Fedde, Motherfunkers, and Yassin Dinana.