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  • Ultimate CGuide: Eid Parties at Your Favourite Beach Destinations

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    A vacation isn’t a proper vacation without some partying, don’t tell us that you decided to travel in Eid just to relax. We know you’re lying, your mama knows you’re lying, and probably your inner party animal knows it too. So hear us out now, whether you’re going to North Coast, Gouna, Hurghada, Sahl Hasheesh or Ein El Sokhna, a great party is happening somewhere and we’re telling you all about it.


    North Coast

    1.       Exit


    Exit is planning one great opening comeback this summer! You have got three different parties throughout the three days of Eid! On the 15th (Friday), DJ Jimmy will be playing his B2B set alongside A. Salah. Next day, the 16th(Saturday) , one of the most loved bands, Massar Egbari, will take to the stage fiery tunes and will light up the night. And lastly, on the 17th(Sunday), the music is going to triple with DJs Sabb, Abou Samra and Hafez. 

     2.       Danos Beach Bar


    Of course your favourite bar in Hacienda is still on, and it is coming back pretty big with an opening on the 15th (Friday) with DJ A.K and his hip hop tunes at night. Of course, they haven’t forgotten about Egypt’s match in the afternoon (2pm), and they invited everyone to head there and to watch it on the beach. On the 16th (Saturday), they will be serving one hell of an amazing beach party with DJ USX.

     3.       LE J.Z Johnny


    La Pacha is opening a new club in Marassi called LE J.Z Johnny, and we think the opening is going to be epic on the 14th with DJs George and Nader.




    1.       DuPort Pool Club


    Party by the pool, oh man! DuPort Pool Cub is hosting on the 16th(Saturday) a party featuring the famous and international Egyptian DJ, Hazem Beltagui. Of course we have nothing to say about his sets, everyone knows they are pretty wild.

    2.       Elements


    Elements is going international this feast! They are welcoming someone who is hails all the way from Ibiza’s best parties to El Gouna, the amazing DJ, Graham Sahara, on the 17th (Saturday) of June.



    1.       The Embassy Beach Club

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    Who said Hurghada isn’t fun? The Embassy Beach Club is planning three fun and entertaining days for you, each day with a different DJ and a different genre. If you came back saying the city is not fun, we’ll be pretty sure you didn’t go. DJs Ramy, Abdo and Karika, with a special performance from DJ ATF Foxx, will be hitting the decks on the 15th (Friday). DJ Moose and percussionist Kimz Drum will be hitting the stage on the 16th (Saturday). Last but not least, DJs Dr. K and Khaled A. Rahman will be shuffling through some hip sets on the 17th (Sunday).

     2.       Dream Lounge Hurghada


    This venue felt like one DJ isn’t going to be enough to keep up with your expectations, so they’re bringing a bunch of them on the 16th (Saturday) of June, with everything else you would ever need.



    Ein El Sokhna

    1.       Clique Beach Club


    This venue is not missing one day in Eid! Four different DJs are going to fire up the place every single day. Thursday (DJ Sam Loca), Friday (DJ Malak), Saturday (DJ Cheetoz), and Sunday (DJs Tommy, Even Mars, & Peto)… we told you it’s not missing a single day!



    Sahl Hasheesh

    1.       Bus Stop


    The blender party doesn’t need any introduction, and for Eid, Bus Stop always puts a mix of everything in to the blender with DJ K.Habashy, and it is not for just one day. The party is going to be running for three whole days, the 15th to the 17th. Do you think you can make it out alive? In the morning, their huge spot for The World Cup is going to be waiting for you as well.

    By Sara Mosharef