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  • ‘ts Gouna Season!

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    With the perfect temperature  of 25 degrees Celsius forecast within the month of March, where the its not hot, but the sun is out to get tanned. A place thought after by a lot of kitesurfers, where the wind is up and nice.  A place where you can escape the hustle and bussle of the city and relax and unwind.

    Also airline tickets are not that expensive 700 L.E round trip ticket including taxes (I would rather fly than drive with these prices).

    With also the local club there Loca Loca always bound to be busy, at least that is what i got from .

    Well there is also something that we love about Gouna even more, their hotels! We are in love with 3 hotels actually,

    Captin’s Inn. Granted that it is a three star hotel but the treatment we get there is just beyond that, and the location of the hotel situated in the center of the Marina is just perfect. Then they have these two suits that are special that have a terrace so huge, that you can host a huge gathering in it with the best view in Gouna! just check out the picture

    Then there is La Maison Bleu!  just check out the pictures and their website.. i think words cannot do this hotel justice http://www.lamaison-bleue.com/interior/


    and then my final hotel that i am in love with in Gouna is Fandir, with the perfect pool, located on the new marina, but its pool is just really really really the perfect place to chill

    and if you love Sailing which i do, you can always get on the catamaran boat!  where you can take the boat for a private boat party or just a day cruise