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  • Troubled Bodega?


    We’ve all been hearing some rumors going around that our very beloved La Bodega may be in trouble. So far, most of what’s being said has been rumors, but what we do know is that there is a law suit between the building owners and La Bodega. That being said, here are the reasons that have been making their way around trying to explain the reason for the suit:

    1- Apparently Bodega is paying old rent, peanuts really, which the building residents are against and are trying to increase the rent rate. We don’t find this too logical seeing as Bodega’s been around for 12 years, long after the old rent was being applied.

    2- The new building owners, who have inherited the building, want to increase rent.

    3- The residents have had enough of people coming in and out of their building like it was public property and have therefore decided to get rid of Bodega.

    This is what we’ve been hearing for a while, but as of last week a new rumor has surfaced that says that Bodega has apparently lost the case (this was a very “Say it ain’t so!!” moment for me). However, when we asked Bodega the staff refuted the rumor immediately saying they haven’t lost the case (mother fucking phew if you don’t mind me saying so).

    Anyways, as we said none of this has been confirmed and is all based on rumors and speculation. We really do genuinely wish Bodega the best because we simply can’t imagine not having them around.