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  • Top of the Pops!

    Top of the pops


    If you lived threw the 80s-90s-2000s You should know this show that started on BBC

    “ Top Of The Pops shimmied onto [BBC] TV screens on New Year’s Day 1964, armed with hordes of a scary new faction called ‘young people’ and presented by cigar-chomping tracksuit-model Jimmy Savile (although he was relatively normal back then). If that wasn’t enough to scare the bejesus out of parents across the nation, the show was shot live, and in its first edition featured such greats as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield and the Hollies. ” [ source: bbc ]

    Top of the pops came up as a rebellious program back in the old days. It was  addictive. This is exactly what Tamarai will be doing. Rebelling against the mainstream deep. Rebelling to be bring back the Actual music Heritage. Where music was about Real Instruments, and Actual full on songs, not just a repeated one sentence, with an electronic melody. Where Music was music !!!

    Starting the Friday the 22nd!  Just think A night  80′s, 90′s, Hip Hop & Commercial music rebelling on the trend with DJ Ramy!