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  • Welcome Back !!! This Weekend

    Cairo Night Life


    Cairo Night Life

    Yo Yo Yo 

    did you enjoy a bit of R&R, do you think its about time to cleanse that system and relax ! well guess what ! NO ITS NOT !!!

    Ladies, your weekend starts early as you get free drinks this wednesday at Risas all night long, not just any free drink their signature sangrias, and guess what they are also launching a special new sangria served in champagne flutes called the GOLDEN SANGRIAS !

    and also this Wednesday dont forget its time to get SPRING in the city ! so ladies get your drink nice and early in risas before you get SPRUNG !!

    Also in the Cairo Jazz Club - Misty& Hafez, will be playing

    Friday … well the much anticipated Tamarai white party is post ponned for a short duration because well there is a major protest on this Friday in tahrir in the morning

    but at night time… guess who is coming !!  Ashibah will be heading to YASSO in the last friday Nacelle night house session (till a new Nacelle house session days will be announced!)