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  • This Tuesday Night: Amici & Tamarai

    This tuesday seems the town will be busy yet again,

    i mean honestly its not like cairo ever stops going out !!! so in alphabetical order,


    So for some reason Cairo seems to have neglected this holiday, when it just happens to be one the biggest PARTY time of the year. Amici  are taking our own spin on Mardi Gras this year, expect the usual Masks… Boa’s…. and lots n lots of BEADS!!! Since you arent allowed to take your top off (we wont stop you if you do) Amici are giving out beads with every shot you take. The winner at the end of the night will get a special gift from Amici. Dress up is not manditory, but always fun. Plus will be well rewarded 


    Tamarai is bringing Nostalgia, And they are calling it limited edition with DJ Ramy, and a special surprise guest, and the  egyptian nostalgic star “Hossam Hosny” with the popular song “kol el ban at bet7ebak” reminding of you the summer nostalgic days !



    speaking of Dj Ramy this might not be a nostalgic set, but check out some of his deep house tunes :) that he just sound clouded