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  • Things to Do in Egypt This Easter


    I feel like I’ve been talking about the Easter weekend for months, but now that it’s finally here, I  find myself in that same ol’ pickle of where to go. Across Sahl Hasheesh, Gouna and Sharm, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into – here’s the best of the best of the best.

    SPRING FLING @ SAHL HASHEESH10170827_1378118212468795_452518907_nThis one’s fairly simple; four days, four parties featuring four of the best DJs in Egypt and four after parties to boot. Yes, Event Republic like to things in style.

    CROSSFIT & YOGA @ SAHL HASHEESH1948016_10152271305309651_1199202120_nYep, Sahl Hasheesh again; but this one is for the body-conscious among us. I’m as vain as anyone, but I’d never dream of trying to pull my foot to the crown of my head like that flexible young lady. To each their own, I guess.

    Tamer ‘Beyond Entertainment‘ Banna loves a pool party and will oblige with exactly that at his home away from home, Gouna‘s Club 88. But if that wasn’t enough, how does a vodka party sound? Or the world’s best MJ impersonator? Get on it.

    THE PARTY PLAYGROUND VOL. 3 @ THE CLUB HOUSE, GOUNApp3Despite this poster looking like something out of a twisted, Easter-induced nightmare, there’s nothing to be scared of when it comes to the Party Playground. Volume two sees DJs, Abou Samra and Hafez, provide the music.

    BEACHFEST @ MOODS, GOUNAbeachfest1Yes, yes, oh hell yes! Tinie Tempah, Moneim and Ashibah all under one roof (kind of) at my favourite place to get a day-drunk haze on in Gouna, Moods. I’m geeking out as we speak.

    PACHA SHARM 10th ANNIVERSARY976799_10151977964926078_788895881_oTotally stealing the Easter thunder, Pacha Sharm is celebrating ten years of questionable antics with a big night of drinking, dancing and diva-ness with John Jacobsen and Bjones. Splendid.


    PACHA SHARM 10th ANNIVERSARY(AGAIN)1048979_10151977921846078_1694902878_oNot content with one night of birthday shenanigans, Pacha Sharm welcomes Ibiza DJs, Angel Linde and Juan Diaz for more self-affirming celebrations.

     DISCOTECTURE SUN EDITION @ SLIDERS CABLE PARK, GOUNA1507848_231330193734341_2185194809092181057_nOnly two weeks into the series, Electrum RecordsDiscotecture is already a hit with Cairenes at Tamarai. Things are being dialed up a few notches this Easter in Gouna wih a huge line-up headed by Robosonic.