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  • Things to Do in Cairo This Weekend


    The soul-crushing reality check that is ‘returning to Cairo after a week at the beach’ is too much to bare – even for the most eternal of optimists. Luckily, though, Cairo’s bars and clubs are the collective bosom from which you seek – and will find – comfort in the cold, beach-less days ahead. Because together, we can get through this.

    (Thursday)Though he rarely ventures out of the cove of random that is VENT theses days, Minus T is one of the most versatile and original DJs around and despite having his hands full behind the scenes with this year’s Student DJ competition, T has found time to do what he does best this weekend.


    Did you know that whiskey is carb-free and fat-free? Did you know that studies have shown that it can help prevent heart disease, the risk of getting a stroke and prevent cancer? Alchemy is open for appointments with Dr Molten Amber this Thursday – time for a routine check-up.

    DR. K & DJ NII @ O BAR

    Speaking of doctors, Dr K and his associate, DJ Nii, specialise in the treatment of progressive house music deficiency and are said to be working night and day on a cure for the outbreak of sameness that continues to effect the ears of many a clubber in Cairo. Get your subscription at Fairmont Nile City‘s O Bar.


    Saigon Restaurant & Lounge has become a second home to the likes of Ahmed Harfoush and following on from the Cairo crooner is no easy task. But Noha Taha has taken on the task with aplomb and the newest face on the lush venue’s rotating roster of performer back again this weekend. She’s very pretty, too.


    There’s a whole heap of local bands making strides under the banner of ‘Oriental Fusion’ – a term that is as meaningless as it is misleading. But amongst the hoards of pretenders, Wust El Balad continue to be one of the best in the business and will return to Cairo Jazz Club for a bouncy, chilled end to the weekend.

    For more parties, gigs – and even a few culturally enriching/pretentious exhibitions – check out the super-informative Cairo Gossip events calendar.