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  • The Zino Project Comes to Egypt This Eid


    With Eid all but upon us, there’s a certain type of excitement in the air amongst Cairo’s clubbing contingent as we await the opening of Sahel’s newest mecca of nightlife, 6IX Degrees.

    An occasion this grand demands something special; enter the Zino Project.

    On Tuesday 29th of July, the Hacienda Bay nightclub will host what is shaping up to be a truly memorable night, with organisers of the infamous traveling event promising a select and exclusive guest-list of invitees a unique experience dedicated to the 'detail and perfection'.

    With a black, white and silver theme, the night will be headlined by Beirut's DJ Rodge and will also see all kinds of outrageous theatrical dance shows take place throughout.

    The Zino Project has already wreaked elegant havoc in New York, London and Marrakesh, marking the launch of a global luxury brand that we're excited to have in Egypt. Brace yourselves, ladies and gentleman.