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  • The Week’s Calender !

    Day,Risas, Outdoors, CJC, Tamarai, amici

    Sunday, Work hard/ Party Harder , -, – , – , -

    Monday, Work Hard / Party Harder, B SIDE , Fabrik & Ouzo, – , -

    Tuesday, happy hours 5-7pm, -, -, Classico Fahmy&Samba ,private event

    Wednesday,Ladies Night, – , DJ RAMY’s Boogie,  - , -

    Thursday, happy hours 5-7pm,- ,-, Live , -

    Other important EVENTS THIS WEEK

    Wednesday the 6th is the SECOND EDITION OF Event Republics FFWD ! and coming back to the stage after months is AMR HOSNY !!!

    THURSDAY 8TH: Heineken’s Jame Bond official party organized with ByGanz

    Friday 9th Nacelle’s comeback for the HOUSE SESSIONS !!!  rumor has it that Hisham Zahran would be the opening DJ also rumor has it but not confirmed yet the location might be nile pharohs, will update post when i get details