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  • The week guide

    does your eye hurt just like mine

    does your eye hurt just like mine

    so as usual the week starts from now and we have a lot as usual since its summer happening during the week

    Sunday: Chill at bodega // Risas // head out to amici karaoke night

    Monday: **THE RAVE*** (CHAPTER 1 ELECTRO) by by “Phatass Music Productions” with Shady Noor & Ahmed Arossi [ two red beats contestants ] on the decks in amici

    The Rave

    Tuesday: Arossi will be joining Fahmy&Samba in Classico night


    Dj Ramy will be booging all over cairo jazz club

    Risas Senorita Sangria Noche aka Ladies night at risas

    nacelle house session will kick start with aly b on Wednesday while bringing back soopar lux