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    First week of July

    First week of july

    So you are back from Sahel, Gouna, Soukhna or you never left cairo in the first place ! then BOOM you are bombarded with another week of a series of events ! here is your Guide, please put in mind that Wednesday is a dry night

    Sunday July 1st:

    this is all about the italians vs the spanish in the euro 2012, recommended venues

    - Risas: with its hallucinogenic LCD Screens and its laid back atmosphere is a spot where any proper football fan enjoys because there is no distractions

    - Amici:  Today is not only about the euro2012 finals ! but the Mr. K, Konrad, the Amici original mixologist who 90% of the drinks on the menu were designed by him is back in town but thats not just it, he is accompanied with Marek the #1 Flair Bartender

    Monday July 2nd:

    Cairo Jazz Club: All the way from Italy comes DJ Piero Ardito, this is a guest list only event so make sure you reserve before hand

    Tuesday July 3rd:

    Summer in the city: Yes the madness of it call, summer in the city will be on a Tuesday rather than a Wednesday due to the latter being a dry night. So breaking the cycle  and causing madness is not enough, but they will be hosting DJ MADLOU ! together AMR HOSNY

    Classico: in Tamarai is another tuesday with Classico, and DJ AROSSI will be the Classico guest of the night ! and we all heard Arossi in Red beats

    amici: will hosting a live performance by  WETROBOTS <3 BOSAINA , where WetRobots will have  DJSET played with Bosaina’s Live vocal.  This is rare and special the band themselves have be gaining international recognition even by BRIT radio .. yes they were on BBC1 Radio

    Wednesday July 4th DRY NIGHT [but expect house party for american holiday]

    Thursday July 5th: why are you in Cairo, leave the city !