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  • The Week Guide

    The Week

    The Week

    As previously mentioned cairo is dead on the weekends, its only happening during the Week! and no one can stop the scene from partying !

    so here is what is happening tonight and tomorrow :)


    - Misty&Hafez, will be rocking the Classico at Tamarai.  Misty just came back from europe, hafez just came back from gouna, so both are chilled relaxed and have some new remixes in their belt for the Classico

    - Electric banana is doing THAT MONKEY CRAY at ritmo FT Dj AK. … go to this link to reserve: http://tazkarty.net/EventDetails.aspx?EId=376&fb_source=message

    Tomorrow: Baher EID will be doing the Nace//e house sessions  in opium !