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  • The Unofficial After Party Guide to Eden Garden

    The unofficial after party

    well before i start writing this post, let me just say i got a call now from one of CG’s birdiees, and well i have been told they just saw the set ontop of the roof of the fairmont now for the ByGanz Presents Eden Garden, and i have been told that this one of the best set up that has been done so far, so i am anxious and can’t wait to see it. For those of you who don’t know the set up of the place ByGanz’s Eden Garden, is being designed renowned interior designer Nihal Zaki.

    The unofficial after party


    Ok so as you all know the byganz party is starting at 4pm, and a number of people that night are throwing parties at night time, and being all on the same night, its more or less being considered the unofficial after party, and here is what is going doing

    + Cairo Jazz Club : Dynamic Duo Misty & Hafez  will springing their tunes on people (yes see i made the word spring cool and because misty&hafez always spring on us new music.. they work hard to ensure their db is renewed)

    + Yasso // Nacelle: Nacelle will be bringing back ALY B on for a FULL NIGHT !!  I love Aly B !! he understands fishes music taste

    +  O Bar: well considering the O bar is right in the fairmont, and there is a sizable people who even have taken rooms in the fairmont that night, it seems some might not just leave the hotel and go down the stairs from the rooftop to the ground level to after party

    with all the unofficial after parties going on, CG is feeling a bit dizzy already just thinking about it, … and on that i end … my life is acapella with out the music in it