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  • The Student DJ Finalists


    Electrum Record’s has just announced the finalists of their student dj competition

    and it will be a party not to be missed! because guess who are the finalists


    And of course, as with everything, save the best for last! can you guess who the headlining DJ is going to be!?

    and guess where.. none other than the sexy beaches of Biachi Sidi Abdel Rahman !!

    but i have an important note! EVERYONE IS A WINNER in this competition and this is not just some YUPPY SHTIT

    in this competition some names really stand out and i want to do a shout out to my personal favourites!

    FullTone! Youssef Niazi! Mohamed Sadek! Saleh Amin!  Artificial Animals! John Damian! 

    and of course everyone… YOU ARE THE STARS! remember you made it to the 30, out of 150 original applicants