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  • The Student DJ Finale Festival: The Countdown to Egypt’s Biggest Music Event of the Year


    Electrum Record’s Student DJ Competition is at last drawing to an epic conclusion on the 8th of August at Bianchi, Sahel.

    The 12 hour festival is set for the final face-off between Aguizi & Fahim and Gawdat, along with an array of international superstars such as Claptone and Andre Crom.

    Both sets of DJs are worthy of their places in the final, beat off competition with finesse and fun throughout. The progression from the top 12, let alone the top 30, took every ounce of toil and sweat in order to win over the tough Cairo crowds.


    Aguizi & Fahim

    Over the competition, we’ve seen Aguizi & Fahim employ a perfect combination of external instrument use along with their ninja-speed skills on the decks.  Not only that, but these boys aren’t afraid to drop some of their own material, which blends well into a haze of deep/nu disco.



    Having been compared to the likes of Swedish House Mafia and Deadmau5 in their approach, the Gawdat brothers have a lot to live up to. But as always, the siblings will take the finale in their strides, as they truly define the phrase ‘pumping up the crowd’; they’re like the Energizer bunnies of DJing – they just never run out of energy.


    We asked other competing DJs about their thoughts on how they expect the final to play out. Many were far too diplomatic to choose between their peers, but Anis Abdel Mageed is backing Aguizi and Fahmy – as are Artificial Animals. Omar Kamal on the other hand has predicted that Gawdat will win.

    Our prediction? Oh, we could never say. Instead, we’re putting this Electrum Records summer playlist on loop.

    Event Details:

    -Doors open; 12 PM
    -Doors close: 6 PM
    -End time: 12 AM
    – Strict women/men ratio policy.
    -Under 21 will not be admitted.
    -Tickets will be sold at hot spots in Cairo and Bianchi as of 3/08. To get your ticket call: