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    The ‘Fiesta’ Experience Comes to Cairo

    I sometimes feel like I live in the world of film noire. You see, nightlife in Cairo is risky business. Just today, a young man – who will remain anonymous, of course – sent CG a flyer with one message:


    My obviously extensive knowledge of bars, clubs and alcohol (and abusing said alcohol at said bars and clubs) points to one thing: Spain's infamous El Row clubs.

    The legendary Catalan club, which has since expanded to various branches in Madrid and Ibiza, is renowned for its outrageous carnival nights and 'The Row Experience' is bringing the El Row spirit to Cairo on November 5th for a 10-hour festival that will recreate an unbelievable experience.

    Though the actual El Row isn't coming, one of the event's anonymous organisers was so taken aback during his own visit, that he had to come to Cairo and do something similar in homage. "I was amazed by the atmosphere and beautiful energy  in the club; the experience is what I want to recreate."

    And our young informant might well be right in his assessment of El Row; what may at first look like a human recreation of a page from Where's Wally  – or Where's Waldo for the Americans amongst us – just take a look at this:


    Stay tuned for more info on what looks to be one of the biggest events of the year....