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  • The Riddle: Clique Events’ Super Secret Soiree in Alexandria


    Looking to inject some oomph into Alexandria’s nightlife scene, Clique Events announced their arrival to the nightlife game this summer with a their first party at Greek haunt, Olive Island.

    Back 2 Back saw Turkish DJ, Ahmet Kilic, provide the music at what was a largely successful and well-attending event and, riding on the waves of its success, Clique has upped the ante, so to speak, with their next party.

    Set to be held on Thursday 27th of November, the big gimmick of The Riddle is that the location won't be announced till four hours before the party, which is rather inconvenient and annoying more than anything.

    In fairness, though, the line-up is pretty decent. Misty & Hafez haven't tag-teamed many parties this year, but the duo headline, with Student DJ finalist, Nour Fahmy, and Alexandrian DJ, Omar Abouyoussef, also getting turns behind the decks.

    For more info on tickets and how to reserve, click here (Invitation-only Facebook event).