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  • The Revenge of Aly’s @ nacelle house sessions


    This friday  the ALY’s (Aly B & Aly Goede)  take over Nacelle house decks. Now why is this exciting, because well as everyone knows Aly Bahgat is my emperor, for obvious reasons. Aly Goede, on the other hand i heard first, in nacelle house sessions when he played with Elijah  on november 30th.

    Now on november 30th, when i went to nacelle on november 30th I had no idea what Aly Goede looked like, nor what Elijah looked like. So when I entered that night, I still remember till today,  I found a cute looking white boy on the decks, I heard hot music, so i automatically assumed this was nacelle import, this is Elijah collins,   however a few hours later i discovered that elijah was a black man, and that Aly Goede was the Egyptian DJ everyone is raving about; and rightfully so.

    But its not only me that is excited about this, apparently people wanted Aly Goede  back, so they started writing on nacelle group!!!  and as with nacelle, they always listen to their fans !!