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    so here is random gossip going on …

    1- did you check out the new tamarai website ( http://tamarai-egypt.com/ ) its been redesigned just like the interior, you would notice the sleek red lines around that matches the new interior !  also actually if you check this event on their page  ( http://tamarai-egypt.com/?p=106 ) its Marien Baker is coming to ring in the bell for the party season !

    2- Well as all you must know its not yet the official christmas of egypt, so expect some stuff to go down in jan 07/2012

    3- I haven’t actually said my new year message yet, was waiting for all of yours to be drowned out so that mine stands out… does that make any sense :)  well here it is

    Happy new year, and for the clubbing scene i hope its more flourishing than the last year before that we had a 2011 full of promises of new clubs but not that much opened, for 2012 CG has been promised over 10 new venues, so i am hoping that at least half of that promised does open.

    From a non clubbing scene environment, well here is how i see it, if you want something go for it , don’t wait for it to fall into your.

     The economy might be in a turmoil and the fact that global economy is going into a second dip, or as they would like call its double dipping, and we are heading into a second recession, after 2008/9 one,  doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t give up on businesses and blame it on the recession. The attitude is to be positive and happy, and become adaptable to new changes…. the business that come out of the resections always come out even more stronger. You just have to come up with adaptable products for the recession. For example in advertising social media, a number of people have been targeting this lately even more aggressively especially in egypt lately, and so advertising companies in egypt have started to acknowledge that, and you will see in 2012 a rise in social media advertising.  What ever your business might be … think of different markets, different ways, different lines you can introduce you can do to help it grow. 

    If you are a student, then well study hard because trust me by the time you graduate the world would be effed up in terms of employment market etc, so the market is going to be even more competitive when you graduate, so for 2012 grab it from the balls and squeeze them and get everything you can from it!

    Event organizers… as i said we are going into double dip recession so make the tickets cheaper :)