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  • the O bar invites

    Event Republic has been very crafty with their invites, remember the little shorts for party in my shorts, remember the old tape cassette invite for hey la hop  … well imagine when the genius of ER combined with Sexiness of Fairmont Nile City you are bound to get an orignal invite…. and of course high quality. These invites where crafted in the studios of london, and shall start delivery tomorrow via Tazkarty Gold Service…. we are talking of course about the O-BAR INVITES ! they are based on old record player !! and by old record player i mean an actual record player with a deal you put on top of the record and you spin the record with your hand and well you will actually hear a special song !!! can you guess what song you get when you play it ?

    well tomorrow if you are lucky enough tazkarty boys will delivery you the invite and try to figure out the mystery! oh and p.s. btw there is a video coming out soon showing how to assemble this invite together

    the o-bar opens on second of February … just incase you were living under a rock and didn’t figure it out yet