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  • The NU nacelle nights!

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    DISCLAIMER: this post is based  on rumours 

    With the end of Nacelle House Sessions (NHS), the start of the summer season where people start traveling for the weekends, one is having major withdrawal symptoms from NHS .

    But Tito, last night teased us with the word wednesdays, signifying that the new nacelle theme night is to take place on wednesdays. Giving us the first piece of the puzzle! A lot of people started asking questions? does this mean he would be doing the whole LIVE Show again? I thought in my head it would TECH wednesdays. Less deep music and more Tech, but then again Tito dropped another surprise today!

    and gave a date! May 15th! & the word “NU” which could only signify NU DISCO!!!
    the important question still remains… where?


    FUCK YEA!!!! FUCK YEA!!! summer is around and boy we need disco! time to get out of the deep depression and get some funk on!!! i am excited!!


    I am so excited that i am playing scissor sister FUCK YEA! (Its not nu disco, but i love it)