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    So nacelle is re-launching the second season of B-Side! Now I  personally love this. As you know Nacelle isn’t only about the house sessions, its about music. A diversity in music, do you remember the RAR sessions they had in Melouk, That was another completely different Genre. For me as a person with a diverse music palette and who appreciates some good old FUNK, HAPPY music. Music with soul, B-Side is the perfect medicine.  Actually Tito couldn’t have said it better when announced today the B-Side

    “The B-Side is your spot for discovering all that OTHER music that doesn’t have your standard house beat (which we of course love too, but diversity is key). Mainly funky and groovy with a lot of love and soul. To all you DJs out there that have been waiting to play stuff like this, please send us your stuff. You’ll definitely be catching more of Safi and Adham Zahran on our decks as well as some pretty interesting surprises. “

    So the B Side is relaunching this Tuesday in Outdoors. Which now is covered in order to insulate you from the cold weather.

    See you all there on Tuesday.