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  • The Krypt: Nacelle’s Weird & Wonderful Halloween Party


    The days have become shorter and the nights have become colder. Some may argue that it’s a simple case of the Earth orbiting around the sun and the tilt of its rotational axis. I, however, prefer to think it’s because Halloween is nigh.

    The likes of Cairo Jazz Club have already announced suitably bloodcurdling parties to mark the (non)occasion and now Nacelle are gearing up for their own ghoulish gala.

    Set to be held at a yet to be disclosed location (because Nacelle is the biggest tease in Egypt) on Friday 31st of October (obviously), the Krypt is challenging Cairo’s clubbers to gather their homeboys and homegirls and pick a costume theme in order to book a table, with the best table winning a special prize.

    But we’re all going to be winners, because it’s open bar.

    For more information, call 01020701701.

    Ps, BOO! Haha, you jumped – I saw you. I can always see you…