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  • The Insanity Weekend in PICTUREs

    This weekend was dubbed as the insanity  weekend, i mean after how else would you describe a weekend that starts with Tamarai on Thursday, Bamboo Afterhours, then next day Amici for Brunch, Yasso for up lifting music and 4theloveofhouse as night cap. … well i documented this weekend via pictures, but before i start showing pictures, i want to reflect upon something, once upon a blog, DJ Mayounah had she wrote once an article about how DJs in egypt should be about education, should be about introducing us to new songs and i feel this weekend was about that, granted i don’t remember much of the music in tamarai, however with Taha Mostafa and Ahmed Shawky they introduced us to this progressive HAPPY trancey tunes that you don’t usually listen to in Egypt, Amr Hosny & Mayounah dropped a number of remixes of what might might be familiar songs, but completely new.


    so lets start with the pictures of Tamarai on thursday


    After Tamarai and that guys shoe that we don’t know whose shoe it is … sort of like cinderalla’s shoes, the people headed out to bamboo

    and then after bamboo was the amici brunch, and then after the amici brunch was the BETTY BOOP PARTY GETTING SCREWED, with videos of the actual banned series played with insatiable music by Ahmed Shawky and Taha Mostafa, a night by Soraya Shawky

    After the craziness that was BETTY BOOP and i have to say it was a lot of fun, it just felt like a group of friends who everyone knew everyone was just having fun and being themselves :) we moved out to the 4THELOVEOFHOUSE IN CAIRO JAZZ CLUB BY AMR HOSNY AND MAYAONAH ON THE DECKS  !! with the occasional betty book figurine poping up there