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  • The GREEKs are coming!


    oh yes! oh yes! Dj Anjelo and the Villa Mercedes team are coming back to Tamarai, and oh we love having them here!!!  and oh boy are the GREEKS HOT, I mean Super HOT. (Ladies, check picture below of Anjelo below)

    So when are they are coming? Tuesday the 28th of  May, so if you had any plans, Trust me on this,  CANCEL THEM. Becuase with Fishie’s honor this is a party that you do NOT  wanna miss. As when the GREEK Comes, so does the gods of music, dance, happiness, and everything that is hot!

    If you have a memory like mine you would know what exactly i am talking about, the shows, the music, the vibe, the atmosphere of when the greek comes is like no other that descends on Cairo.