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  • The Gouna Easter Parties Schedule

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    Easter is coming, and we know in our scene easter typically equates to a gouna retreat! so what is going down in Gouna in details.

    Well there are a few parties going on, and a few is actually an understatement.

    Club 88 will be converted into a party playground by Karim Khamis & Dina Akladious, where every day from the 1st of may all the way till the 6th somethign will be happening

    May 1 & 2 DAY : Are called the warm up .. the chilled sessions. where you laze around the club 88 pool and just enjoy good music.

    May 2nd Night : is the main event, where they are going to have international superstar who i personally am in love with NHAN SOLO, along with Baher & Shaggy!

    May 3rd Day Ali Goede & Baher

    May4th Day  this is the RECHARGE DAY (SURPRISE ACT)

    May5th Day Minus T ! I love the T … Mr.T is like oh emm gee together with Mr. Aly B hismelf!!!

    May6th THE CURE!!!


    Then you have two hot parties where ninteen84 is partner in both.

    May 3rd: The first one taking place at night is a BON FIRE party, and as you can see from the flyer, it would all face pain and an actual bon fire on the beach of moods. like a proper actual bon fire! with the hot TUNES of Mayounah & Emil! i repeat hotness!!!

    May4th Day&Night: Now this is a party not to be missed! first off because its taking place in the awesome CLUB HOUSE, and also not only nineteen84 is in it but also awesome.  Granted they are getting one of the hottest ENGLISH artist LUV*JAM…, but to me personally what is exciting about this party is three things

    - Location: Clubhouse
    - The local line up! for the love of deep and tech and minimal the house gods! Tamer Auf, Aly Goede & Minus T all in one line up 
    - 12 hour party! its literally a 12 hour party till you drop party!