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  • The Gossip Behind Tamarai’s White Party

    angel event size

    I am assuming by now you heard of the Tamarai White party taking place on MAY 10th. But just incase you didn’t hear about it, As one of Cairo’s longest running clubs, is celebrating its 5th Annual edition of White party. This year they are giving it a twist, its called Fallen Angel, i.e. when angels (us) fall from our grace, and become little party animals by letting loose and going wild.

    They are bringing all the way from Sky Bar Beirut the main resident DJ JOJO,  and Well you know us at CairoGossip, we love MUSIC, we believe music is the essence of life (which is why have a sister blog called CG TUNES ) but anyway… not the point now.. JOJO!  So we  went to his facebook and picked two of his recent sets, which happens to be a mixture of NU DISCO and DEEP HOUSE… two genres that are currently loved and adored in Egypt.

    But it doesnt end up at the music. Remember Rouge party… well The rouge party was basically really just FOREPLAY to the official opening of the terrace party, which we all know is the WHITE PARTY. So when i say foreplay, I mean there would be more dazzling and more glitter! Think sensational frosty shows! Reservation for this party is not for the general public, it has to be either via the owners, or pr people themselves, as you know the WHITE PARTY IS THE TIME OF YEAR.. WHERE PEOPLE MY AGE COME OUT AND PLAY!

    But check this post by the man himself!