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  • The Gatsby After Grad


    Its that awkward time of year again, where AUC unleashes onto the society a bunch of raging hormonal graduates, who will be our future…

    and every year these bright young thangs, go the best in after grads, Tamer Banna & Marwan Ziad to throw them one hell of a night for their graduation.

    and since this year, everyone is about being classy … what better era is it to relive the classiness other than 1920s! so june 15th the AUCians graduate in a GATSBY STYLE!  i.e. the GLAMOROUS touch!

    “Can’t repeat the past? Why, of course you can” Jay Gatsby.

    On Saturday the 15th of June, whisk yourself away to the extravagant and lavish nights of the glorious 1920′s where parties lasted all weekend and champagne glasses never parted anyone’s hand. Prepare to be sublimely enveloped in silky satin, deep red lips and jazzy beats that will definitely seduce your hips

    The fancy naughty night will treat you to a set of dramatic cocktails and a premium open bar as you hold your breath while the explosive collaborations of the hottest DJs in town take you by storm.

    Dress code:

    As the retro tone is set, ladies should go vintage with over the top feathers, pearls and sequins. Encourage to dress up with all glitz and glam! While Gentlemen will aspire to sharp suit attire accessorized with the 1920’s fashion.