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  • The Five Types of Facebook Profiles That Are Allowed in the Garden


    Facebook has been on overdrive this week, with the revelation that recently opened Heliopolis bar, the Garden, is the worst thing to happen to the world since the Nazis.

    A young, cigar-toting Cairene had an unfortunate run-in with the guys who handle the Garden’s reservations after he was allegedly asked for his and his buddy’s Facebook profiles.

    His subsequent post/rant spread like wildfire and was followed by a witch-hunt of sorts, as quintessential Egyptian gang mentality led to a barrage of not-very-nice messages on the Garden’s Facebook page. 

    No one can argue the fact that this whole thing was handled badly, but you’d be a naïve Nelly to think that this isn’t the norm. ‘Screening’ happens at every party and event – does it make a difference, then, if it’s done in secret or upfront?

    But with fingers firmly stroking chin, it had us thinking who it is the Garden would deem to be suitable…

    The girl with the manicured-feet-by-the-pool profile picture.

    I’d let her step into my garden whenever she wants – wink, wink.

    The topless beefcake fresh out of the gym.

    0% body fat, 100% approved.

    Anyone whose profile picture is off Cairo Zoom.

    PICK ME!

    The Legend that is Ahmed Angel

    Come on – who could resist those eyes?

    Mark Zuckerberg
    When you think about it, this whole mess is his fault.

    Let’s all have a group un-bunching of our panties and have a drink at the Garden this weekend – yes?