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  • The Five Commandments of Tamarai


    As the curfew in Cairo continues to ease, there has been one beacon of hope shining a light in the darkness. We of course speak of Tamarai. This week, the Cairo nightlife staple is giving holding no less than five events. Follow these five simple rules and you will be officially freed from the shackles of the curfew.

    1. Thou Shalt Honour Lyon.

    We might as well start calling him DJ Tamarai, because when you need somone to really get things started, you needn’t look further than the one and only Lyon Avakian. This Thursday, Tamarai goes old school with a night of commercial, House, Arabic tunes from 5PM.

    2. Thou Shalt Enjoy Friday For Once

    The best day of the Egyptian week has suffered most in recent times, but as always, Tamarai has saved the day, offering Cairenes a full day of cocktails, sunshine, a view of the Nile and other Instagram-able things from 2PM.

    3. Though Shalt Wear Sea Shells Over Thy Booobies

     For those looking to get away this weekend, Tamarai will also be at large in Sokhna, for the second edition of Sea Shells & Beach Belles, which debuted on Friday 13th – as can be seen on CG Live.

    4. Thou Shalt Get Deep

    More daytime fun comes in the form of Deep by Day, which will see Student DJ Finalists, Gawdat, and DJ Richard R ‘go deep’ and ‘hard’. Their words, not ours. Be there from 2PM.

    5. Though Shall Bless the Start of the School Year by Partying

    On September 26th, the dudes and dudettes of Back 2 Basics land at Tamarai for Homecoming, where two of Cairo’s best DJs, Mohasseb and Shawky, are going to make you drop out of uni and become a DJ.

    Stay tuned to CG for more from Tamarai….