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    Keep Calm and Party On : Egyptian Style


    Keep Calm and Party On : Egyptian Style

    if you are not escaping the city, to ras sudr to kite surf, or to soukhna to tabla, well there is a lot happening in Cairo this weekend, i will make everything short and simple so you dong get bored


    Risas Goes Presidential

    - RISAS GOES PRESIDENTIAL: the place is already booked out, but basically between 9pm-11pm Risas will be airing the presidential debate taking place on ONTV/DreamTV between Amr Mousse & Abdel Moniem Abo El Fotouh (here is the risas number 01097388888

    Misty & Hafez

    - Amici:  will be hosting MISTY AND HAFEZ and to gain access to this party you got to have a password …. misty and hafez… i repeat MISTY & HAFEZ, its 250 open cocktail bar

    Joe Ashkar @ Tamarai

    - Tamarai: launches its new outdoors night with Joe Ashkar, need i say more ?


    house arrest

    - O-Bar is launching its new night called House Arrest, a night of the hottest newest house music with Egypt’s top DJs

    sodic spring fest

    -SODIC SPRING FESTIVAL … Okay this aint a party, but its definitely worth checking out, at least fishie knows it will passby, it will be taking place in designopolis



    - Nacelle Blames it on the sunshine, bring you the bloody marry’s and Tito and the Percussion Show Please call 01020701701