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  • The Cairo Gossip Guide to the Best Eid Parties in Sahel


    As you might have guessed, we’re quite excited about spending Eid in Sahel. It’ll be nice to gets some sun, sand and sea into our systems, but if we’re honest, we’re going for one thing: to dance like no one’s watching. So, if you see anyone at Sahel voguing  and throwing shapes, it’s us. Come and say hello.


    Student DJ Final @ Bianchi, Sidi Abdel Rahman

    Electrum Records’ epic competition draws to a dramatic close with a toe-to-toe battle on the 8th of August featuring Aguizi & Fahim up against Gawdat. This whopping 12 hour festival will also feature international acts such as Claptone and Andre Crom.

    Party Playground @ El Villa

    After CG exclusively broke news of Party Playground, we were all rather excited – and with good reason. This is a guaranteed blast due to the fact that all of the headliners are top local DJs. Aly B, Minus T, Hafez, Hisham Zahran and In2Deep are your hosts for the evening at El Villa on the 9th. This daytime rave is one you simply cannot miss.

    RoofBar @ El Villa

    Lots of happy faces at El Villa

    Thursday the 8th sees Baher Eid and DJ Simone do their thing at El Villa, courtesy of Roofbar. If a 12 hour festival is too much to handle, you now have a solution.

    Roofless @ El Villa

    Fahmy and Samba clapping.

    DJ royalty, Samba and Fahmy, roll back the clocks to show the new boys how it’s done. Watch the veterans in action on the August 10th at El Villa.

    Andrea Beach Club

    Following huge popularity last summer, Andrea Beach Club is back. Kicking off the season with residents, the Awadi Brothers, and Hady from Lebanon, the DJing brothers have promised top quality food via an Italian chef from Italy, as well as a few surprise guests. Things kick off on the first day of Eid.

    And of course, how we can we forget about byGanz’s usual shenanigans; find out more here.