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    With one of the biggest events of the season happening this Friday, people are going literally insane with what to wear, people are heading to shops going out and are confused on what to wear.  of course it goes without mention that i am talking about the ByGanz Eden Garden Ft. Kelis and Dj Carlos, and our own toyboys  ..

    Well as in the words of Ganz himself, “The event on friday is dress, its not BEE2A phosphoric, its chic cholorful dresses, black or grey with a hint of colo is more than fine, NO T SHIRTS, NO TANK TOPS, think ETRO, think Missoni, Pucci, Think elegant think chic think different”

    So for guys, colored pants are or colored shirts are cool under blazer with nice loafers, Girls, colored dresses as the man said. Boy & Girls, you can get away with black or grey, as long there is a hint of something colorful, so maybe a black dress with a bold yellow scarf, boys what about a bright pink tie or bright green pap-ion   … check out the below looks to get some inspiration…