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  • The #6oct weekend review

    This weekend, we will do things differently, rather than listening to me say what happened around the nation, we ask three well known people from the scene, on what happened where they went.  So I asked

    • Tamer Banna, owner of Beyond Entertainment, an infamous event organizing company. 
    • Adam Mowafi, one of the owners in the MO4Network, that owns Tazkarty, CairoZoom, Dealwaty, CairoScene and basically egypt’s high society online world.
    • CairoGossip’s own KITTIE, a socialite and a party goer in her own right!



    In the daytime we headed to Club 88, they got the DJ from Just Cavali, for two days in a row. The big movers and shakers were all present. It was not too crowded, it had a nice atmosphere and of course the good music helped a lot. Other than that at night Thursday, pier 88 turned into a bit like a club, and people were dancing all over the place till 2am.  After that on Thursday Night, We want to papas island, the music was R&B, the crowed was mix of kite surfers together with cairines, Papas closed around 3am which is when we headed towards Angels, it was packed and loads of fun.

    Friday Night I ended up going out late, so passed by papas island they had a live band which played some rock and house music,  as I was late so couldn’t judge much, but after that we headed out to angel,  the music wasn’t that great so we didn’t stay that long



    Tamarai as usual managed to create quite a buzz about this weekend’s activities with the promise of an international dj from Villa Mercedes Greece. As expected most of Cairo’s newer generation of  hot young things turned up en masse dressed up in as little as possible, which I don’t think should be considered a bad thing. The DJ had a great set of commercial mixes and there was the usual infusion of the some of the Arabic classics. Overall most people commented that they had a really fun night and the little touches like the pyrotechnic show really do make a difference. What marks Tamarai out is its consistency and that they tend to deliver what the hype promises.



    Both Thursday and Friday Tabla was so much fun and full of surprises. The Dj was amazing in setting the vibe and being able to mix between arabic and english tracks adding dabkeh and our favorite oldies. The place was just pumping both nights. Even though it was soo much more packed than other weekends, strict door selection ensured that the crowd was great. And just to put everyone in the mood to dance and get crazy, there was a group of girl dancers in sexy outfits dancing on the bar.. just great fun all around.