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  • Ten Questions for Saccao


    Brought to you by the party-animals at Event Republic for the third edition of Spring in the City, Greek DJ, Saccao, has been voted #28 in the Top 100 DJs/Producers in the world and his tracks frequently feature on Beatport’s Top 20.  The latest in a long line of world-class musical imports, the busy Saccao sits down with Cairo Gossip ahead of his first-ever gig in Cairo and chats about expectations, Greece’s clubbing scene, his dream musical line-up, sexy blondes, and potentially being a pizza delivery man.

    Will this be your first time visiting Egypt? What are your expectations?

    Yeah, this is the first time – but not my last! I had a few good friends (Croatia Squad, Heavy Pins, Tosel & Hale) visit Cairo in the last few months and tell me that the crowd was truly amazing – great vibes, beautiful clubs, and great parties! So let’s do one more!

    (Saccao’s track, featuring another Spring in the City DJ, Daniel Fernandes)

    Amen to that, Cairenes really love clubbing. What’s the clubbing scene in Greece like these days?

    Greece is famous for its huge clubbing scene… This means that you can party to Nu-Disco, techno, tech house, deep house, local Greek music, and almost everything else at any time. It really depends on where you are, when you’re there, and what sorts of clubs and bars you’re visiting.

    Which DJs/producers/musicians are you listening to at the moment?

    Generally, I listen to all kinds of artists and producers; I support some of their tracks at my gigs and on my monthly podcasts. I don’t have any favourite artists to mention, good music is really the key for me – it doesn’t matter whether the people I’m playing are big names or are unknown.

    We interviewed your good friends, Heavy Pins, towards the end of last year – Cairo’s clubbers love them. Who are some other Greek DJs/producers that we should look out for?

    Other Greek producers? For sure, Tosel & Hale have got a great sound for Cairo.

    We’ve interviewed them before! If you could put together your dream line-up for a gig, who would you play with?

    I don’t know… I guess with some cool major names that I can’t really think of at the moment! For me, the best thing about being a DJ is making people dance and love your tracks, regardless of where or with whom you’re playing.

    What is the best moment of your career?

    The best moment of my career was last year (2014) when I was voted one of the Top 100 Producers/DJs in the world, at #28. Most of my greatest moments are at gigs, with happy people dancing and singing my tracks all night long.

    If your music was a human, what kind of person would it be?

    It would definitely be a woman! A blonde, sexy woman with blue eyes…

    What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t in music?

    *Laughs* I don’t know… maybe I would be a delivery pizza guy! Who knows?

    Who or what is the biggest influence on your sound?

    Hmmm… the biggest influences on my productions are mostly old tracks, especially disco & pop music.

    What does the rest of the year have in store for Saccao?

    For the rest of 2015? I have some great upcoming releases coming up on huge labels, like Toolroom Records, Cr2 Records, Armada Music, Milk & Sugar Recordings, Great Stuff Recordings, Yoshitoshi Recordings, Spirit Soul Recordings, LouLou Records, Bunny Tiger, and a few more! Of course, I plan on playing a lot of gigs at beautiful places and clubs around the world too…