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  • Teadance 6th Edition


    Buckle up boys and girls,  buckle up, because this friday TEADANCE will take you for a ride that you will not forget!

    22nd of March they are bringing all the way from London Steff Mani, coupling him with our own Aly Geode!

    “Stef Manni is a DJ/Producer whose lifelong passion for music and a successful career, which spans over nearly two decades, has brought him international recognition and a solid base of fans and followers. His years in the music industry have seen him grace the decks at some of the most sought after venues in the world from London to Ibiza and Moscow to Miami. His style today is defined by deep, tech and tribal house. ”

    Aly Geode, is one of my local super heros, when he mixes you dont find him sticking to a genre, you find him building a story with his music, takes you kidda on a smooth ambient trip

    but why listen to me, check out their music

    Stef Manni

    Aly Goede

    and how does this Mr. Stef Manni look like,  … well go damn hot!