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  • Tea Dance 7th Edition: The Closing Party


    You know us in CairoGossip Central, we love the music, and we love knowing everything there is to know about the musician and artists coming.

    Well, ByGanz and Dara in their  7th renditionTea Dance and the closing party,  will get you as always not just a DJ, but an artist, a musician, a producer, a person CREATES music using magic. they are bringing in  Sharam Jey, who would be supported  on the decks by own
    hot ToyBoys duo

    Let start by his newest release GONNA GET YOU, JUST RELEASED LAST WEEK. which is out of this world hot..

    or his infamous song Who’s Right

    or you could listen to his record company’s Bunny Tiger Selection  Vol .1

    With a hot track list, i personally love the GIVE IT TO ME song