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  • Tamarai’s Labor Day Weekend in Sokhna


    With Tamarai‘s summer Sokhna program well underway, there’s really no reason to stay in Cairo during the weekends anymore. Yes, the rooftop view at Nile City Towers is stunning and who doesn’t like getting dressed up for a night out? But sun, sea and sand – it sells itself.

    With the latest of April's public holidays landing on Thursday (thanks to a brilliant genius of a human being in government) the guys and gals at Tamarai have leaped at the opportunity and grabbed the three day weekend by the horns.

    This Friday (May 2nd), Stella Di Mare will be awash with clubbers passing-off drunken ambling as dancing. Heading what is bound to be a hell of a party is the only man who can wear a suit while DJing and still look respectable, Lyon Avakian. That's what I love about Tamarai - they keep it simple. Beach, booze and beats.

    For reservations, call 012 245 666 66.