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  • Tamarai’s brings China (discreetly)


    Every year Tamarai throws the Discreet NYE party … and well guess what CAIRO.. this year tamtam is bringing CHINA to Egypt !

    yes this yea Tamarai and RiMedia presents: Discreet – China Town!!

    there is massive entertainment and production involved here !

    The gossip is the party will be OUTDOORS AND INDOORS ! and wait there is more !! the outdoor set up will be completely transformed !!! and some how i got leaked the 3D MAPPING OF THIS !!

    stay tunned as more info gets leaked out regarding the entertainment !

    and get Ready to party it up Discreetly

    {{ i have been told to remove the pictures because the organisers want you to be surprised , but i have seen the layout of outdoors … with my own eyes, i have a copy of it on the computer, but i cant ruin the surprise… so here is what i can say… imagine yourself literally IN CHINA TOWN… when you think of the outdoors ! }}