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    Fishie has been sort of hiding under the sea for bit, but when it heard about SWAG night it decided that its time come back to the land of the living and get its SWAG ON! Especially considering two days before it has received its VIP Membership, and that had to be tested out!

    So here was the deal, I entered through the VIP queue in 5 seconds, on a red carpet literally, with two of my friends! While the normal entrance from what I saw had a bit of a long queue. It felt epic to enter without a hassle, without shouting to Ahmed to let us jump the Queue, or make our way through a carcass of bodies trying to reach Ahmed to enter.

    So now that we were in, with no hassle, we were in the good mood, because well as I mentioned NO HASSLE! So SWAG got turned on! Everything was in LV Monogram print, to the extent I felt like I walked into a Saudi princesses house (no offence to any Saudi princesses reading this blog). It was Ghetto Fabulous, and as soon as you were in you greeted with the CANDY SHOP! Where you take a lollipop and spray your name on the wall, (some bastard sprayed over FISHIE !!!)

    On to the music, my expectation before heading out to SWAG, was that the music was going to be some hardcore RnB, but to much my surprise it wasn’t, it was actually bouncy, dancy, sexy RnB tunes, music you can Swag too! And they played Fishie’s favorite song, “sexy and I know it”. The entertainment though … well I am not much of a fan of human beat boxes, but that might be my opinion, after all “Johnny Madness” is one of the finalist in “Arab Got Talent” TV show, and he had to reach there based on people votes. However it was definitely entertaining especially when guy started giving sounds from his neck (I mean COME ON HOW THE HELL DID HE DO THAT!) 

    Back to the VIP CARDS, what are the benefits a VIP Member gets, well:

    • Fast Track entrance for the member and his/her guests
    • Dedicated VIP phone number to call for reservation
    • No minimum charge on the bar
    • Access to reserve tables in the VIP Zone
    • Priority booking and privileged table selection
    • If you are a member and you have a +1 well you just can do walk-in to the bar
    • your bottle can be left in the bar for upto 3 months.

    So all in all it was a perfect night, and definitely worth coming back to the land of living for,

    Up until CairoZoom posts the party pictures you can actually look at a preview in the post below (that was btw uploaded live!)

    Tamarai SWAG Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/249976858378361/261765340532846/?notif_t=like



    SS88 says:


    Where did u get ur VIP membership and how much is it?