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  • Tamarai Turns 3

    Tamarai Turns 3 !!! i don’t know why i feel like its more like they turned 20, maybe because they are always genius in changing up the place from indoors, to outdoors, to sahel to soukhna, that it feels so much has just happened within these three years !!

    Well for its Third year anniversary, Tamarai is inviting … and by this time inviting, it literally means inviting for a free open bar and some finger food to be tossed around! and NOT INVITED TO PAY !!! SO YEAY A FREE TAMARAI NIGHT !!

    but here is the catch, this guest list is super super super exclusive, i think the marketing team, and the PR team and the owners have stressed on that word so many times to me that i think i might not even be on the list (BECKS & BELTAGY IF YOU ARE READING THIS PLEASE PUT MY NAME ON THE LIST) …

    Basically the list for this party is going to be hand picked by the owners themselves, your invite is probably not transferable to anyone else!

    and what about entertainment … well i am not at liberty to say … but lets just say i was the other night in the Tamarai office interviewing Roulla Soussou (click here for interview ) and over heard some hot dj being booked and flight booking and all … so there is a surprise definitely in the works !!!

    oh and of course  the celebration  is taking place on Wednesday, January 18 !!! so  Girls, if your are among the few that are invited get your best DRESSES on and your dancing shoes, GUYS get you TUXs ON … !!! THIS IS A FORMAL EVENT !!!  because this will be a night to remember !

    Oh and remember here will be the official launch of the VIP MEMBERSHIP CARDS!