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  • Tamarai Rumors NOT TRUE.

    Picture source from twitter: pic.twitter.com/GvZ62krO


    Picture source from twitter: pic.twitter.com/GvZ62krO

    Rumors spread like wildfire, and well in this case the rumor was in deed about a fire that occurred last night behind the Nile City towers,  with people talking about it on twitter with the HASHTAG #niletowers! but the fire has NOT affected the Nile Towers, our or beloved Tamarai, one of our favourite spot in Cairo is safe and our condolences to the life that got lost …. here is a message from one of the owners himself



    There has been a lot of rumors since last night circulating that Tamarai has been set on fire and gunshots have been going on in the area. 

    Please note that these are all rumors, Tamarai is safe and untouched. The real story is that a gas cylinder went off in the slums area behind the Nile towers last night which led to a big fire. Apparently problems have risen in the area between people living the area and security people around the towers due to the slow response. Due to this incident, a civilian died and there is a lot of grief in the area.

    Therefore due to these circumstances, Nile City have closed their doors since this morning for security reasons as well and everything will be fine within the coming few hours.

    However, due to the grief in the area and in spite of all the loco motion happening, we have decided to close our operation for tonight and will operate normally tomorrow (Friday).

    Will keep you guys updated in case any news comes through

    Have a great weekend