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  • Tamarai Releases NEW THEME NIGHTS!


    What we love about tamarai is its agility to keeps alive with different theme nights every year!

    and Well this year for 2013 ! they are releasing all their new arsnel

    Starting off with this 22nd Tuesday!  think LIVE lounge music !!!

    Think Class. Think Sophesticated. Think HOT. I personally love me some LIVE lounge music, where i can kick back,  talk to drinks with some friends. just as the clock hits midnight … well the music will go up a little notch with LYON, still on the loungie side, but just enough for you to SWAYYYY, doenst Lyon & Live rhyme ?

    Then  there is this night,one is my personal favourite:  للكبار فقط  

    This is a night for the older crowd, it would be launched on will start on Feburary 1st. and would take place on selected fridays

    This is a night dedicated for older crowd. it would be super exclusive, think old tamarai crowd. It would be for 25+.

    يا جامعة فاكرين لم كنا صغيرين واهلنا كانو بيخرجو و يسبنا لوحدن

    well its time for revenge! now we are old enough to go to those parties that are  للكبار فقط

    by the way appearantly if you are 35+ you get 50% off bouchon ! not fair i still have 5 more years to go! so i am not old enough!


    There are some music Genres, that will never die. they are infinite. one of them is POP(ular) and especially the old POP ! guess what tamarai is Reviving that with on FRIDAY THE 8TH, its a regular Friday night, except on the nights that will have on it للكبار فقط. 

    Some who when i think top of the pops this automatically comes into the show they had on MBC with Razan Maghraby.

    and if that is not enough guess what, there is one more night ! every thursday, the label of Amr Hosny & Mayounah…  4 THE LOVE HOUSE invades tamarai with everything that is house let it be commercial, funk, happy house ( i know if mayounah is reading this word happy she would kill me)  ! and as you