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  • Tamarai Refined

    Tamara Refined

    This week’s highlight is the Tamarai’s Refined party. (see banner on the left side, maybe even click it)

    Tamarai every year or so does a bit of touch ups on its indoor venue, well this year they are pulling out all of the guns and did a complete overhaul of the place. The owners are keeping secrets of the new design guarded so well, that it would be easier to break into a swiss bank.

    So i had to relay on rumors when it comes to this. First rumor i hear is the place has been spent on it something in the 6 figures for the redesign. Second rumor i hear is that bar placement might have changed, giving more room for people to move around dance and party. But again these are unconfirmed rumors

    The Party is scheduled to take place on this tuesday December 13th, so make sure your are on the guest list, because this is an unveiling that you do not want to miss !