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  • Tamarai’s RED Terrace.


    You have heard of Tamarai’s white parties, you have heard of their black parties, they are infamous and well they are always THE EVENT of the season, I personally remember tearing up my white pants while dancing in one of them, didnt care.. covered my self up with a scarf and kept on dancing.. because it was that good. This year however… there is a new color in Tamarai… ITS CALLED ROUGE!  

    OH BABY.. WHAT A PARTY IT WILL BE… April 4th is the Date.  Rouge would be the colour to be. Tamarai’s Terrace would be the place to be   there is a lot more details to come out.. but from what we heard it would be HOT… SIZZLING… oh boy .. if you know the entertainment .. especially you boys … and oh girls trust me on  this, it is an occasion to take out the Christian Louboutin