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  • Tamarai NOEL xmas party gossip

    so who is in some XMAS spirit ! well we have some gossip about tamtam’s private Christmas party ! you know the one where they are getting the greek dj from villa mercedes, well “ray” cocktail is doing a special christmasy menu for them, and there will be a big henieken christmas tree ! just check out the names of the cocktail, my mouth is already watering

    Candy Cane Tini : Vodka, Mojito Syrup, strawberry Pure & Cranberry juice Decorate with Dry coconut and Candy red white.
    Christmas cookie: Vodka, espresso, simple syrup & honey syrup with Cream Decorated with cherry & orio cookie
    Santa Sour: strawberry and lemon muddling with sweet n sour and vodka.
    Winter Land: Vodka, Peach Flavor, Cranberry juice & topped with your choice, Energy Drink or soda water.
    Snow White: vodka, passion Fruit pure, blue curacaos Liqueur, pineapple juice &cream. Decorate cherry


      • Snow Job: Vodka, blue Curacao & sweet n sour.
      • Frost Bite:  Vodka, grenadine & blue Curacao, peach & pineapple juice.

    Heineken XMAS Tree

    on a musical note ! dont forget to check out the sound of counsiltraining ! who is the greek god coming for this xmas occasion