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  • Tamarai Kicks Off 2014 with ‘Christmastide’


    Now that the dust has settled on the rumours that Cairo’s bars and clubs contingent was losing Tamarai, the rooftop hotspot is moving back into gear, with Christmastide on Tuesday 7th of January.

    The always reliable, DJ Lyon Avakian, will be at the helm to provide a heavy dose of disco, funky house and hip-hop tunes. The event marks Tamarai’s first big party of the year after the New Year’s Eve announcement that the club had renewed its stay at the Nile City Towers till at least until 2019.

    The news has come as a relief to regulars, and with plans afoot to make Tamarai even better than before, it’s an exciting time for one of the most influential nightlife venues in Cairo.

    RSVP: 01224566666